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From: clive_wright@telinco.co.uk
Date: Sun Nov 07 1999 - 22:37:57 CET

        I have been an avid reader of the news group for some months now but
have only just felt the need to have my say. When I first loaded the X11
addon I was iritated by the time on the fvwm95 taskbar it always said
the same minute past the hour, until the following month that is when it
moved to one minute later. I patched the offending file and did not
think anymore about it until two days ago when I down loaded the X11
from Dave Houghton's mirror only to find that it was exactly the same. I
do not know whether the addons change as main versions change but I
thought that it could do with a make over. In case anyone else has
noticed this problem and not found the fix then just amend the following

*FvwmTaskBarClockFormat %a %B %d %H:%m
*FvwmTaskBarClockFormat %a %B %d %H:%M

        While you have the archive unpacked it may be worth deleting the
following file:

/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/XF86Config !!!!!
        Gasps of amazement how is X ever going to work without its
configuration file?
No problem; the rustic XF86Setup recreates it using XF86Config.in as a
The only problem is what to do with all the extra space, [ ] any

        I wondered about a rustic volume control if anyone knows how to code
I use an ESS1868 soundcard which is supposed to be 100% soundblaster
the sound.o module does work with it but the volume control in playcd
will only change between 0&1 and the actual volume remains very loud. I
have installed a third party volume control on my cloned mu which works
perfectly but it is a big program 70K so there is no way it will fit on
the floppies.

        I seem to have wandered from my original theme but before I go just
another parting shot. I have often marvelled at some of Michele's script
but occasionally I cat one only to find that it wasn't a script but a
binary file which leaves my console printing gobbeldygook (rubbish).
Clear did not work either, it cleared the screen but all new text was
unreadable. It usually meant changing to another virtual console or
worse still rebooting. After searching the net I found someone elses
command line solution which would be better implemented as a script.

echo ^[c

Where ^[c equals <Ctrl>v<Esc>c
Save it in the PATH and chmod a+x to make it executable.

        Well thanks for letting me have my say I hope I have prompted some
subjects for discussion and perhaps some other "read only" subscribers
to have their say.


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