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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 15:51:23 CET

Hello Clive,

On Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 09:37:57PM +0000, nicely wrote:
> In case anyone else has
> noticed this problem and not found the fix then just amend the following
> file:
> to
> *FvwmTaskBarClockFormat %a %B %d %H:%M

Clock work with this fix? Sorry, but I neglected totally X11 addon and
I'm not sure if this bar feature requires some missing binary&setup.

> No problem; the rustic XF86Setup recreates it using as a
> template.

Yes: xf86(rustic)config recreate XF86Setup at any boot.

> The only problem is what to do with all the extra space, [ ] any
> ideas?

Extra space? Please, be more precise.

> I seem to have wandered from my original theme but before I go just
> another parting shot. I have often marvelled at some of Michele's script
> but occasionally I cat one only to find that it wasn't a script but a
> binary file which leaves my console printing gobbeldygook (rubbish).
> Clear did not work either, it cleared the screen but all new text was
> unreadable. It usually meant changing to another virtual console or
> worse still rebooting. After searching the net I found someone elses
> command line solution which would be better implemented as a script.
> Voila!
> #!/bin/ash
> echo ^[c
> Where ^[c equals <Ctrl>v<Esc>c
> Save it in the PATH and chmod a+x to make it executable.

In mulinux there is the /bin/reset comand: it send "^[c", as you did.
Anycase, you are right: sometimes muless leave the terminal confused.
In this case, "exit" and re-login is the best.


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