Re: X11 addon

Date: Mon Nov 08 1999 - 21:12:09 CET

Hello Michele,
I wrote;
> > No problem; the rustic XF86Setup recreates it using as a
> > template.
To which you agreed;
> Yes: xf86(rustic)config recreate XF86Setup at any boot.
> > The only problem is what to do with all the extra space, [ ] any
> > ideas?
> Extra space? Please, be more precise.
        As I understand it the problem with mulinux is how to get it all onto a
floppy disk
it appears it is already being squeezed to the limit by using 1722
format. If a script is
not required (ie. XF86Config) then there must be room for something
        I was suggesting a rustic volume control although I have no idea how to
write one; but I was throwing it open to the whole group to see if
anybody had any better suggestions.


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