Re: [mu BUG] LOOP cloning do not works

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 21:06:38 CET

On Mon, Nov 22, 1999 at 09:13:34AM -0600, nicely wrote:
> Besides, Mulinux is the first single-floppy distribution I got
> to work, so it's pretty damn idiot proof (if I can get it running,
> ANYONE can get it running),

I suggest you to try also tomsrtbt: for rescue purpose is better
compared to muLinux. The 1722 is a Tom Oehser idea. The first
public release of muLinux (0.4) was 1440. I learned about 1722
exploring tomsrtbt.

> More people should be playing with it.

Yes: some part of muLinux setup is very pedagogical for the
Linux newbie.


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 Would two negative ones do?"			-- Woody Allen
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