TCL add-on floppy, first edition

From: Tom Poindexter (
Date: Tue Nov 23 1999 - 07:36:15 CET

The TCL add-on floppy is ready for initial testing. There are still
several tweaks to the programs that need to be done, but it is
stable enough to turn loose on the world.

Go to:

which will hop you over to the real pages at:

Some notes:
        vmail3 - still needs some work, esp. with NNTPSERVER.
        edit - the widgets start trashing trying to re-size themselves, just
                grab the title bar, or increase the window size to stop it.
        neowebscript-sa - make sure you have the pygmy web server turned off,
                as it also defaults to port 80.
        dirc/netplug/mmucl - I'm not much of an IRC or MUD'der, so these
                haven't had a lot of testing. dirc and netplug are sort
                of competing apps, let me know which works best.
        impress/tkpaint - sort of competing apps, comments on which to
                keep will be noted.

Michele already has TCL support in 7.x. Great job!!
If it it possible, you can probably shrink the size of the ramdisk
partition. I'm currently using <3000 blocks for the filesystem, but might
use another 500 in future versions.

Another wish: drop two of the three window managers, and add more fonts.

Comments welcome.

Tom Poindexter
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