[mu TECH] focus on masqerading router

From: Richard de Waard (rdewaard@xs4all.nl)
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 18:17:59 CET

Like everyone else I like mulinux (ver.6r4) a lot. Great Job! I use it as
masqerading router on a i486 with 16 MB
for my private (small!) network and it works fine.
 I don't have a
question, only a
suggestion and I would like to know everyones opinion on the subject.

Wouldn't it be a good idea if you try to
focus mulinux to do a good job as
a masqerading router? That means more focusing on the server side
(samba, SSH etc.) instead
of client and above all more SECURITY. Although I only have a dial up
connection at home I don't like the idea that everyone can log in as root
on my mulinux machine. Or is there already a way to prevent this?

  -- Richard

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