Re: [mu TECH] focus on masqerading router

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 18:29:28 CET

On 25.11.99, 18:17:59, Richard de Waard <> wrote:

> Like everyone else I like mulinux (ver.6r4) a lot. Great Job!
> I use it as masqerading router on a i486 with 16 MB for my
> private (small!) network and it works fine.
> I don't have a question, only a suggestion and I would like
> to know everyones opinion on the subject.

> Wouldn't it be a good idea if you try to focus mulinux to do a
> good job as a masqerading router? That means more focusing on
> the server side (samba, SSH etc.) instead of client and above
> all more SECURITY. Although I only have a dial up connection at
> home I don't like the idea that everyone can log in as root on
> my mulinux machine. Or is there already a way to prevent this?

Good evening Richard,

please forgive me if my reply might sound kind of silly but what
about the following idea:

Since you have collected some experiences already on using muLinux
as a masquerading router you perhaps could write down a list of
the missing components (as you did above mentioning samba and SSH)
and tell us about the way you managed to work around the problems.

The result could either be a modification of muLinux or it would
lead to the creation of a dedicated muLinux SECURITY ADDON DISK.

(Having seen Tom Poindexter doing that great job by providing us
 with it's fine Tcl-To-Go addon I considered it being a good idea
 to ask you if you would like to prepare the solution, is this OK?)


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