Re: [mu BUG] LOOP cloning do not works

From: Arno Wilhelm (
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 22:40:07 CET

>Otherwise, I can't understand why a file with 512 bytes (the boot
>sector) is not enough for mkisofs. What kind of use it do with remaining
>Kb in the floppy? Mah!

I guess I have to read the Howto again...

>Anyway, I succeded in recompiling "cdrecord", "cdda2wav" and "mkisofs"
>with the medieval C library. That miracle!

Sounds great....

>I was been able to make a CD-RW in a UMSDOS muLinux, but I'm not
>sure they will be really good media.

Maybe it would be better to format it as extfs2 ?

>With cdda2wav and sox I'm able to read audio track from audio CD
>and convert them in WAV and CDR format.
> cdrecord, cdda2wav,mkisofs, mpg123
>the burning suite seems complete (but I'm not sure if mpg123
>can convert mp3->cdr, any case)

You are really fast. How does that work with the bootable cdrom? Do just
have to burn an bootable image to the beginning ( first 1,4Mb ) of the cdrom
and the rest of the directory tree is lying after that image on the cdrom,
or is the directory tree within the bootable sectors? Can you mount the
/proc tree now? If I could I would like to test the the stuff?



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