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From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 12:22:41 CET

Ciao Michele!

> Hey Karl-Heinz (Zimmer, of course) read below what Bruce
> told about your friend Michele on uk.comp.os.linux!

> Please, defend me: I can't, because in this case my
> *fractured* english will be confirmed :-)
> Fractured: what beatiful word, that.

I just posted a little reply to the newsgroup but I had to
do it via because we don't mirror the uk.. groups
here and I did not want to access another news server.

I wonder when the mail will arrive in the group - hopefully
not too late...

Cordiali saluti,


---> ---> ---> this is what I wrote, hope it's OK!?

In article <>,
Bruce Richardson <> wrote:
>I downloaded muLinux


> and used that.
> muLinux is actually one of those Linux on a
> floppy jobs (with 3 extra "tools" floppies
> with extra tools, GCC and X11 on them).
Now there are even four addons as Tom Poindexter
has been so kind to provide the muLinux users with
Tcl-To-Go, a very fine TCL/TK addon disk. :-)
> The only niggle is that the guy who put
> it together is Italian and the system messages
are in slightly fractured
> English
Dear Bruce,
I did not see your mail on the muLinux user's
mailing list, might it be that you just forgot to
offer your help in adjusting the english phrases?
I am sure you aren't just kidding here so instead
of complaining in the uk.. usenet it would be
extremely nice to write down a short list of
words/sentences not being optimal and send this
list to Michele Andreoli, will you?
(just my 0.2 euro)

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