Re: AW: [mu TECH] focus on masqerading router

From: Richard de Waard (
Date: Fri Nov 26 1999 - 12:26:05 CET

To sum up the answers: mulinux is for educational purposes and has to be
kept 'transparent'. This is fine. Other Linux distributions give you a
full featured Linux OS-PC that can be used as masquerading router. True.

I was just very happy that I found a good, useful purpose for an 'old'
i486 with 16MB, a small harddisk and no CDROM. I think I just liked
'Chapter 9. IP filtering with mulinux' (from the README) best :-)

Anyway, thanks for your reactions!

PS: In fact, I DO use RedHat but BEHIND the mulinux router.

  -- Richard
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On Fri, 26 Nov 1999, Kochenburger Andreas wrote:

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> Betreff: [mu TECH] focus on masqerading router
> Like everyone else I like mulinux (ver.6r4) a lot. Great Job! I use it as
> masqerading router on a i486 with 16 MB
> for my private (small!) network and it works fine.
> I don't have a
> question, only a
> suggestion and I would like to know everyones opinion on the subject.
> Wouldn't it be a good idea if you try to
> focus mulinux to do a good job as
> a masqerading router?
> ----
> My opinion is that there are sufficient Linux distributions focussing
> on the server side, tested and with all those security features needed.
> I vote for a small desktop Linux which can be understood and learnt by
> a single human being in reasonable time. That is really missing in the
> Linux world. There are other minimalistic Linuxes around, but each of them
> for special areas, like realtime things. But muLinux is for the amount
> of "normal" users.
> The only thing that I am missing is that with the C compiler one can do
> less than in big distributions, kernel/module programming for instance,
> i.e. afaik the sources are not public. But then you'd be better off with
> a more powerful computer anyhow.
> Andreas
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