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Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 02:46:42 CET

If someone would really like a "free" Windows based linux distribution
that is "polished" there are several.
I'd recommend "winlinux2000" at www.winlinux2000.COM, KDE interface, all
the bells and whistles.
AND it only requires 900+ MEGS of free disk space, and downloads in
under eight hours.
As an added feature you can learn all about how to make half the
configuration windows based and half Linux based and how to deal with
"persistant configuration settings" (thinking "darn I edited that
file":) )
only to find that the edited file is rewritten by another file that was
rewritten by another file ad infinatum.(fractured latin here???).

spoken tongue in cheek and not to be taken seriously

Kochenburger Andreas wrote:
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> > It is natural to suspect that somebody who neglects the user
> > interface might also be sloppy within the software.
> Oddly enough, I have often found the opposite. The more polished
> the user-interface, the more questionable the stability of the
> software (Windows NT, Netscape, MS Office, et al. as opposed to:
> Unix, MVS, et al). As always, your mileage might vary ;)
> ----
> Software engineering is somewhat of a mix of art and organization.
> We often see that software (purchased or developed here) that shows
> poor workmanship on the surface is also likely to cause trouble later.
> Such software was often developed under pressure or with too few
> resources.
> Some companies - that is your point - follow the "bananaware" strategy
> i.e. harvested green to ripen at the users. Quicken seems to be another
> example from what you can hear in the Usenet.
> But more often it is lack of organization: beta testing must not
> concentrate on debugging alone, it _has_ to be accompanied with quality
> improvement including cosmetics of the user interface. Otherwise one
> risks poor user/customer response and that is always a pity for the
> amount of love, creativity and work that had been put in by the developers.
> Andreas
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