AW: Fractured english in muLinux

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Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 17:37:38 CET

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Betreff: Fractured english in muLinux

Summarizing arguments, it seems the "List part duo divisa est",
and many told me (also privately) that they like to mantain
rustic english in muLinux, mainly for affective raisons.

Sure, fun and affection is very OK, and necessary for a good
life. But perhaps the mulinux "community" could be bigger. When I
remember, my first spontaneous impression with mulinux was a
mixture of curiosity and skepticism towards its reliability,
inspired by queer dialogs and messages in the installation scripts.
It is natural to suspect that somebody who neglects the user
interface might also be sloppy within the software. Now I know
better, but perhaps others may have shied away.

Perhaps just the stable mulinux releases could be "filtered"
(input: work language; output: English as should be) by someone.
Once done, "filtering" would be just the deltas thereafter,
i.e. new or modified scripts and progs (if any).


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