Re: [mu SETUP] Ethernet card

From: Renato (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 14:13:54 CET

My problems with Realtek rtl8139 - part 7:

I finally could install module rtl8139.o using unpack/repack in /startup/modules/preferred/net.
The module now is present in LIST file.
In info/PCI I can see my ethernet card. Same if I use info/PCI probe or 'dmesg | less'.
But, when I run setup -f network I get a message saying the system doesn't find any eth0 card.

I know it's possible to make the card visible because I managed to do this twice last week (don't ask me how). I wonder if defining rtl8139.param containing irq & io adress could do this job.

Despite I was able to ping and traceroute in my intranet, I couldn't connect to external sites using pygmy. I suppose it's our firewall. In my Communicator I must define socks adress and port. How can I do this in muLinux?

Et pluribus unum. (I'm sorry, english spokers :^)

Renato Guimaraes

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