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Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 14:39:11 CET

Our little language discussion reminds me of Clockwork Orange.
Recommended reading! There is also a movie (by Cubrick?) which
is "not too bad".
I don't think that mulinux would lose its Italian charm just by
polishing up its English. It's just that IMHO the 'lingua franca'
should be formally correct to enable everybody - say a Chinese who
doesn't know nor Italians nor spoken living English - to begin
with mulinux without difficulties and without suspecting it to be
a computer playground for mafiosi kids.
P.S. what else could be done to make mulinux conquer the world?

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Re: Fractured english in muLinux

I'm sorry, but this is way beyond my limited knowledge of speech, as
being amerikan I barely speak what's loosely known as english, a
language punctuated with bestial grunts, snuffles, and much raising of a
middle finger in gestures of token affection*grin* and if I had authored
MuLinux chances are the setup script would have posted something to the
effect of "put da' next disk in"8^P........
As far as "linux newbies" goes.......we all "were/are" still linux
While I may know a little bit about Linux, there's much more about it
that I don't know:).......and don't think that anyone (including Linus
himself)professes to know "everything" so in that case.
Welcome to a quest that many begin, but few end.

Have phun

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