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From: Tom Poindexter (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 04:42:17 CET

On Thu, Dec 09, 1999 at 01:55:13AM +0000, Dave Houghton wrote:
> On 08 Dec 1999, wrote:
> > wrote:
> >> A while back I attempted to get a rather old version of netscape running under mulinux

There's also an incomplete Tcl based browser, Plume. I considered including
it on the Tcl disk, but alas, it's just too raw to be uselful. One major
limitation of Tcl/Tk is that only a GIF decoder is included in base Tcl/Tk;
JPG and other formats are handled by extensions libs (read: probably too big
for a mulinux TCL disk.) The 0.62a version sort of works; the 1.0a version
looks nice but has some flaws that prevent it from rendering a lot of common
HTML. Unfortunately, the original author is off doing wonderful work
with XML now; the other effort to update Plume is using another Tk extension
as the HTML renderer.

Again, it might be a nice project from someone to adopt :) If anyone would
like to take a stab at it, I'd be glad to point them in the right direction.

Tom Poindexter
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