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Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 04:03:35 CET

I'm thinking here that this might constitute a separate thread in
What are people actually doing with muLinux?
Ramdisk or cloned system?
Are they using it as a "user" system or as a "router\network" system?
Are they adding any additional software packages??
If so what changes are they making to get these packages running?

 I don't personally feel that any harm, and much good could be
accomplished by discussing any "improvements???"(individual opinions
only:) )
made to personal muLinux systems, particularly cloned systems.
Wondering here if TCL-to-go started out as a "personal improvement
Maybe some of this documentation if useful, could be posted at the

How_To_Add "insert your favorite package here" to muLinux.
The MuZone (advanced system configuration under muLinux)8^P

would be useful without changing the "base and extended mulinux system"
in any way.

A "muLDP" so to speak would probably be welcomed by both
new users and those old users that forget things;).
Sometimes a tiny bit of information can make a big

Just idyll thoughts from an idyll mynd and not to be taken internally.


Dave Houghton wrote:
> On 08 Dec 1999, wrote:
> >
> > wrote:
> >>
> >> A while back I attempted to get a rather old version of netscape running under mulinux
> >> without much success, maybe this weekend I'll look at it again.
> >
> > I am not sure that running netscape within mulinux is compatible with
> >the aim and spirit of this fine version of linux. Red Hat and SuSE are
> >far more capable if bloatware is what you are looking for.
> > I certainly cannot agree with another contributor to this mailing list
> >who said :
> >"The browsers that come with it are very disfunctional and the graphics
> >are apalling".
> >Still he admits his naivety so I guess he can be forgiven.
> >Lynx is a fine browser and has much to commend it, for a stripling Quark
> >is amazing,
> >and if you really must have graphics Chimeras rendering of GIF images is
> >only spoilt by the limitations of the VGA Xserver; it also tolerates the
> >Pygmy netservers ideosyncrasies much better than Netscape.
> Well said, totally agree
> > If your mind is made up and you really must run Netscape then try the
> >version that comes packaged as:
> >"netscape-v301-export.x86-unknown-linux-elf.tar.gz".
> >
> >> I'm thinking that a static compilation might just help, although as I remember there
> >> was some problem loading the color palette as it wanted 256 colors.
> >> Netscape'll most probably want a few extra library files too.
> >
> >It works straight out of the box without any extra libraries, although
> >it does complain about missing fonts this doesn't prevent it running.
> >However it does not like 16 colours and exits with "bus error" as its
> >dying words. When given 256 colours to choose from it complains that it
> >can only allocate 6 colors and does some amazing dithering when
> >rendering jpegs. For Netscape, happiness is 64k colours. It also needs a
> >lot of disc space. I would like someone to prove me wrong but running it
> >from a ram disk appears impossible therefore if anybody else is thinking
> >of giving Netscape a try I suggest that cloning Mu to the hard disk
> >should be the first action.
> O.k I admit Netscape is lurking on my muLinux system, but you DO need to add and ( at least with Netscape 4.5), it moans like mad about missing fonts(replacing them with some pretty ugly Netscape ones) and yess those bus errors are a real pain(not just with the colour pallete but also just trying to create mail folders with messenger).
> These bus error, by the way are due to incompatibilities with muLinux in general as I don't get them under my 'other' distro which uses a standard muLinux X11 addon to provide the X windows environment.
> Dave
> muLinux U.K. mirror
> >
> >Clive
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