TCL addon working - love it

From: Daniel Brooks (
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 05:48:12 CET

I finally got the TCL addon setup and working
and it looks good. Coming from a Windows background
(and trying to get out of it) I guess I needed some
of these tools to feel a little more comfy, namely
the editors. I have yet to really come to terms with
vi and it's clones. The games are a nice addition
also, I am not a big gamer but I like a small
diversion now and then, is there a tcl version of
freecell out there? Good job Tom! One question is
which apps that were installed do not require X?

As a few are talking about other apps that they have
installed or would like to install, I would like to
add Midnight Commander to the list. I used this with
Slackware's ZipSlack and loved it. I have the
Slackware package and would like to get it running
under muLinux, what command would I need to do this?
Just wondering.

Daniel Brooks

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