Mulinux features

From: Mike Lawrence (
Date: Sun Dec 12 1999 - 11:16:14 CET

There seems to be a debate starting about what features muLinux should/might include. May I suggest it depends more on what hardware you have available, than on what you want to do. I use a "veteran" 486 Dell machine, which I found on a skip (well in a heap, in a shed, waiting to onto a skip, actually), which came with a 8Mb RAM and an 85Mb hard disk - laughable for most purposes, but gigantic by small linux standards! I also have a mono 486 notebook with 4Mb/250Mb which I would like to clear off and use. TCL is a big advantage of muLinux for me: I can run all the Linux tools and proprietary software I need for work on the "skippy" machine (Question: what's the possibility of adding Expect?).

And what drives the hardware available (for me anyway) is desktop real estate, and to a lesser extent power consumption. The ideal muLinux box for me would be a tiny, fast-ish single board computer, with advanced power saving features, plenty of RAM, ethernet, and perhaps a zip drive or LS120. I could leave this on 8760 hours a year for all sorts of uses. Unfortunately, you don't find something like that on a skip!

Yours gratefully,
Mike Lawrence.

P.S. Compliments to EVERYBODY on their excellent English

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