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Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 19:48:31 CET

Michele et al.,

In addition to the FTP URL at UW-Madison, you may also want to browse:

Also, see "Switching In IP Networks" by B. Davie, P. Doolan and Y.
Rekhter (1998, Morgan Kaufmann).

There are several issues we should be aware of. First, if muLinux has
a potential as a router (similar to the Linux Router Project), then
MPLS may be a winning application that will make *everyone* want to
use it. You will become a billionaire and will no longer be concerned
about how to pay your next month's rent. Etc.

Second, I'm not sure how to classify MPLS. The Juniper papers seem to
lean in the direction of routing as opposed to switching. But whatever
it is, can muLinux do it?

Third, does one need IP packets with MPLS? It appears not. But again
the only question of interest is, Can muLinux do it?

Fourth, where is the MPLS-enhanced muLinux router/switch located? Will
it be used only in the large commercial LAN/WAN/VPN or can residential
customers benefit from it? Will it be used by transit ISPs such as ATT
and MCI? I don't know. Maybe we can figure it out here on the list.


BTW "In IPv6 We Trust" certainly is true. However it requires two
extra keystrokes, so in the interest of energy conservation I shall
leave it as is. Furthermore, IPv6 will someday be the default IP and
the point will be moot.

--Ciao, TT
Tom Nelson Scott
The Veda Home Company Bowling Green, Ohio USA
"In IP We Trust" "E Pluribus Unix"

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On Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 07:33:25AM -0500, Telecom Tom nicely wrote:
> Here's an implementation of MPLS for Linux:
> Will muLinux support it?

I don't know MPLS and i'll take a look soon.

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 :-) ^^^^^^^^ Suggested changes: "In IPv6 We Trust (better)"


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