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Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 16:06:16 CET

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On 09/12/99 at 19:40 Michele Andreoli wrote:

>> >>"Arno" is a name? This is also the rever in Florence and Pisa.
>> >>Michele
>> >
>> >
>> >Here also dogs are called Arno :-]
>> >
>> In Brazil it is a make of electric home apliances like mixers, toasters etc.
>In Tuskany, we say "Sciacquare i panni in Arno": "To wash clotes in Arno
>rever". Maybe, this is incompatible with mixers, toasters, etc.
>Anycase, this is only a proverb: we have wash machines, of course. This
>proverbial sentence means: "Do resolve your problems, staying within
>your family's walls", but I'm not sure, because I'm from Napoli, Neaple,
>Nea-polis; yes, i'm napoletano and, when Cristmas do approach, I become
>very melanchonical!
In portuguese we say "roupa suja se lava em casa" with the same meaning.
The translation could be "dirty clothes must be washed at home".
My "melancolia" usually is worse in new year celebrations, when I fell myself becoming older.


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