Re: [TCL addon] about cdr-toaster (for Tom)

From: Tom Poindexter (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 16:06:18 CET

> ispecting cdrtoaster package, I see that: dev=HOS,ID,LUN for
> SCSI devices do not work because the tcl script attempt to check
> if the device is readable and "0,4,0" isn't.
> I fixed removing 3-4 lines, relative to this specific check.
> For all other, the program works.
> Please, do the same job in next release of TCL.

Michele, do you have a diff file for the patch? The only thing I see that is
close to what you describe is at line 471:

        if {![file readable [ get]]} {
          alert " You do not have read permissions ......"

Tom Poindexter
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