Re: Modem not responding in Mulinux v6r4.

Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 04:28:20 CET

"R. Venkateswaran" wrote:
> Hi,
> I have "cloned" mulinux v6r4 (stable version) on my PC with
> 16MB RAM and 500 MB HD. Things work fine as a stand-alone
> system.
> But, I am unable to get my modem to work. So, I cannot
> dial-out to my ISP :-(
> Initially, I tried PPP, but nothing worked. Then I tried to
> test my modem with minicom. My modem is connected to
> /dev/ttyS0. When I start minicom, the DTR and RTS lights go
> ON, so I know I am using the right modem port. But, I don't
> get "OK" response from the modem for my AT commands.
> I think there is a mismatch with the START/STOP bits, speed
> settings or the number of bits setup. How do I set this up
> in mulinux?

Your problem may be one of speed.
You say that it is your old computer. If the serial interface does not
use a 16550A USART (the actual chip type should be displayed during
kernel startup) then it may not work at baud rates higher than 19200
even if the modem supports higher rates the baud speed for internet
connection is in the file "/etc/ppp/options" if there is a line
"/dev/modem 115200" try changing this to "/dev/modem 19200".
If this does not work, download "" from the mulinux website
and extract the file "tty.exe". Close down windoze 95 to a DOS session
and use tty to communicate with your modem.
It is not possible to turn off local echo so typing "at" should result
in "aatt" being displayed on your monitor if the modem is echoing; you
should also get an "OK" response. The program displays a menu at startup
so you can change port,speed/flowcontrol and other parameters.
Hope this helps.


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