Modem not responding in Mulinux v6r4.

From: R. Venkateswaran (
Date: Mon Dec 13 1999 - 17:26:57 CET


I have "cloned" mulinux v6r4 (stable version) on my PC with
16MB RAM and 500 MB HD. Things work fine as a stand-alone

But, I am unable to get my modem to work. So, I cannot
dial-out to my ISP :-(
Initially, I tried PPP, but nothing worked. Then I tried to
test my modem with minicom. My modem is connected to
/dev/ttyS0. When I start minicom, the DTR and RTS lights go
ON, so I know I am using the right modem port. But, I don't
get "OK" response from the modem for my AT commands.

I think there is a mismatch with the START/STOP bits, speed
settings or the number of bits setup. How do I set this up
in mulinux?
The modem works fine under Win95.


R. Venkateswaran (Venki)  [email ->]
    Lucent Technologies Bell Labs, Phone: (630)-979-6253 
    263 Shuman Blvd., Room 2E-241, Naperville, IL 60566.
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