Re: [mu OT] Re: Modem not responding in Mulinux v6r4.

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Tue Dec 14 1999 - 21:29:35 CET

On Tue, Dec 14, 1999 at 07:44:41PM +0200, Enyedi Szilard nicely wrote:
> Just a short comment:
> Vieira, you have humour! So you use "Widows"... :-)
> BTW, when installing muLinux on a 40Mb HDD, on an UMC motherboard (I'll
> check the type at home), 4M RAM, it freezes at installing USR. Is this
> because of the RAM (<<)? I left it a whole day, and only the HDD worked,
> but didn't install...
> Anyone had the same problem?
> Thanks, bye!

My friends, alert! muLinux DO NOT install in 4mega if, during setup,
we ask to load the USR segment also.

In the first floppy there are 3 segment: BOOT (mountable), ROOT (gzip)
and USR(bzip2). In ROOT we find the basic command for installing and
cloning, but not mkfs.ext2. This means: EXT2FS cloning do not work,
without USR segment. If user ask for this kind of cloning, muLinux
load also USR and all slow down definitively.

I installed old release of muLinux in 386 with 4M: using swap, I also
succeded to run X. In new release, ROOT segment is increasing, because
I've got "inodes" (the max number of files) problem in this partition.
The original intention was: using ROOT's commands muLinux clone in HD;
at next boot, it load also USR.

If you see the /usr partition mounted in a 386/4m, than something does
wrong and cloning do not will work. USR is a bzip2 archive and take
MUCH ram to uncompress.


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