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Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 02:03:53 CET

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Hi Clive

>Has anybody had problems using playcd?

Err used to have

>The reason that I ask is that it appears to have at least two bugs:
>1. The volume control doesn't work.

Does now

>2. Repeat track causes playing to stop at a random position before the
>end of the track and then re-commence, as you would expect, at the
>begining of the track.

I'll check that, don't think so

>I am calling them bugs but it may just be incompatability with my
>hardware; hence my original question.
>I use a Samsung SCR-830 (atapi ide) cdrom drive and an ESS1868 soundcard
>which claims to be 100% soundblaster compatible.

Not incompatibilities, it's just that the ESS chipset is plug and pray and needs configuring. I've got the same chipset built into the motherboard of this heap of junk from that well known U.K. box shifter "Time". You can use isapnp as I do, but due to a bug the standard isapnp supplied by Michele just doesn't work (Yes I am working on a muLinux fake /proc filesytem Michele, I haven't forgot :^))I'll email the new binaries so you can configure your card by hand but I'll have to boot up Windoze for the first time in months to send you them 'cause there's no way to glue binaries to emails with this mailer :^((
Catch you later on the bloated side of my hard disk !

Mulinux U.K. Mirror

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Dave g0mxw

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