From: Ras-Sol (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 01:13:59 CET

Hello all-

I'm in San Jose, CA- and have been toying with muLinux for a little

I read all the dosc I could find and looked for a mailing-list archive
but couldn't find one.

I'm using it on a PC/104 small system, and want it to install to the HD.
I follow the cloning and the files transfer to the partition fine.
But- it seems that the *only* way to boot muLinux is to boot dos first,
then run linux.bat?

I'm seriously hoping this is not the case.
I just want a normal lilo installation.
I'm putting different distributions on different partitions to see which
gives me the best performance.

I saw this in the "broken english" thread:

default it expects to run off the floppy (well, off a ramdisk actually)
using a loop file on a DOS Hard disk for swap but I repartitioned and
reformatted the hard disk as EXT2, transferred the contents of the
floppies, did a little editing of inittab etc, ran lilo and that was

Ok, so this guy did it, is this process completely documented anywhere?

Embrace The Noise
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