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Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 13:26:55 CET

On Thu, Dec 16, 1999 at 04:13:59PM -0800, Ras-Sol nicely wrote:

> I'm using it on a PC/104 small system, and want it to install to the HD.
> I follow the cloning and the files transfer to the partition fine.
> But- it seems that the *only* way to boot muLinux is to boot dos first,
> then run linux.bat?

Javol. A muLinux historical bug. I fear to change /bin/clone, because
this script is now too complicated and non-linear. We can use lilo
as bootloader, but first intention was to put lilo on a floppy disk,
because I like safe solution for DOS novice. I wan't be resposable
to naster boot corruption, sorry. And I'm sure on that: when DOS
users start putting LILO on first HD MBR, many DOS machine will
refuse to boot dos, windows, etc. and my mailbox will be filled with
fat cry.

> /*
> By
> default it expects to run off the floppy (well, off a ramdisk actually)
> using a loop file on a DOS Hard disk for swap but I repartitioned and
> reformatted the hard disk as EXT2, transferred the contents of the
> floppies, did a little editing of inittab etc, ran lilo and that was
> it.
> */

This is called EXT2 clone in muLinux. Please, do an EXT2 clone,
select "boot on a floppy" and ignore errors. The bug is this:
floppy is mounted and muLinux can put loadlin on it!!!

When you have your EXT2 clones (let me call /dev/hda2), create
the file:

--lilo.conf -------------------------------------------------
# lilo.conf




        # setup -probe { mount BASE floppy in /startup }
        # cat lilo.conf | lilo -C -

Alert: LILO is on EXT addon, in recent release > 7.0.

If do not work, use BASE floppy to test the new cloned system.
When floppy boot, press [TAB] and issue:

                boot: mulinux root=/dev/hda2


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