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From: Renato (
Date: Thu Dec 23 1999 - 02:47:20 CET


My Realtek 8139 card usually is not recognized by mulinux.
You gave me the right module rtl8139.o and I installed it with unpack/repack from directory /startup/modules.
My module is already in packed modules file because its name is listed in file LIST in the same directory.
 I start my UMSDOS installation and in network setup mulinux reports eth0 wasn't found.
If I check with dmesg I don't find eth0 there too.
If I cd to /startup/modules where I put a copy of rtl8139.o and install module manually using insmod, the card
become to be recognized by dmesg. Then setup -f network works without problems.

Is there any chance of a module installation malfunction in your initialization script?
Or maybe setting up the eth card is performed before module installation?
(sorry, I can't check for myself yet - no scripting skill presently)

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