Re: mu[setup] ethernet card

From: winsor (
Date: Sat Dec 25 1999 - 18:20:05 CET

I've found with several pnp sound cards this same problem.
If your realtech card comes with DOS drivers try loading the DOS drivers
via seems that these cards need(although I'm not
sure) values assigned to be properly detected and initiated under a
cross O/S reboot.
Although I very well could be wrong, sometimes it's worth a try.
What I'd suggest as an experiment,
Make a Win boot disk and install net card driver to that, cobble
together a config.sys on this disk to load the net drivers, and try
booting into muLinux with this disk.
Using certain sound cards under certain "small linux" distributions,
I received "dsp reset failed" messages upon boot till I loaded DOS
drivers rather than the default WIN95 drivers.


Renato wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Dec 1999 07:58:16 -0200, Vieira Netto wrote:
> >
> >Renato escreveu:
> >>
> >> Michele,
> >>
> >> My Realtek 8139 card usually is not recognized by mulinux.
> >
> >Sometimes it is?
> It never recognizes before manual module install.
> >Many pnp boards cannot be recognized/Configurated after
> >windows shutdown And Linux Boot.
> >Try to turn your box off and on and boot MuLinux. I dont know if it is
> >your problem.
> >
> I will try.
> Renato
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