Re: mu [setup] ppp

From: Renato (
Date: Sat Dec 25 1999 - 14:24:21 CET

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999 07:57:13 -0200, Vieira Netto wrote:
>Renato escreveu:
>> I can talk to my USR 33.6 internal modem in /dev/ttyS1 using miterm.
>> I can dial too using atdt. Well, I still have the garbage problem after login/password but I think I can fix
using setserial.
>This is not a real problem. Itīs just ppp strings that miterm cant
>> My problem is pppd. When I use ppp-on I get a page full or dots and no sound is heard.
>No dialing tone and dialing??? No handshaking??? Check for modem
>address in ppp config (/dev/modem). If miterm is dialing, ppp must dial
>too. IMHO Itīs a litlle trick.

Not even a wisper :~(
I've tried /dev/modem and /dev/ttyS1 where the modem is connected.
It doesn't seem to make any difference.
>> I tried setserial -b /dev/ttyS1 baud_rate 57600 but this doen't seem to afect the dead dialling.
>> I can have also problems because my ISP gave me a PPP family name. My login must be "renato ppp".
>> This <space>ppp makes your script fell no good.
>> I used single and double < ' >enclosing the 2 words to trick your script.
>> The error message is gone but not the modem silence.
>> I even tried a single name like renato but the modem isn't dialling anyway.
>> Is there anything more I can do?

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