[OT] Start a BetaTest?

From: Renato (renato@ax.apc.org)
Date: Sat Dec 25 1999 - 15:29:45 CET

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999 04:33:37 +0000, Michele Andreoli wrote:

>On Wed, Dec 22, 1999 at 03:33:32PM -0400, Renato nicely wrote:
>> >
>> >Of course you should stop making changes to the Beta Release
>> >on the public server while the BetaTest is running ...
>> Of course this would be a german khzlinux and not an italian authentic distro :-))
>> Renato
>Please, Renato, be good with KHZ: in the past, KHZ suggestion was been
>more useful and resolutive for muLinux. If we now have a world-wide
>english mailing list and not a pure italian one (mulinux@lists.linux.it)
>it is because Karl-Heinze Zimmer suggested it many time ago, and *fortiter*
>it wanted it. Also: when my older site (www.pisoft.it) removed muLinux,
>and when I cannot update on sunsite for my technical raisons, KHZ support
>was been exential for me.
>On the other hand, strictly speaking, if I really will follow all
>KHZ suggestions, I should quit from my payed job for muLinux job 24/24
>and resign me to hear my (unexpected numerous)
>children to weep for hunger :-))

>I 'm sorry Michele and KHZ. I was only making a joke.
I see KHZ active work in this list and I see also the friendship that join you together like in the 'fractured
I appreciate the different colors of people working together to improve a good idea like this wonderful muLinux
you gave us.
I think this job would be harder without german organization, english sense of humor, american practical
sense and italian workmanship. (Mama mia! This simplification is very dangerous. I guess I will have not only
Germany and Italy but all the world against me in the next millenium :-)
I was just trying to put together 2 opposite (but equally important) sides of personality you have.
No offending intention.
Forgive me Karl-Heinz if I offended you.


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