Re: mu[setup] ethernet card

From: Renato (
Date: Sun Dec 26 1999 - 04:05:57 CET

Thanks, winsor.
The card has a DOS configuration program that I used to set different options in CMOS trying to fix this
problem. I will make what you sugest me.
The most incredible fact is that after automatic module install by means of a script the card isn't recognized
but after manual install of the same module, mulinux become to see the card.
It is a mistery for me this behavior.


On Sat, 25 Dec 1999 11:20:05 -0600, winsor wrote:

>I've found with several pnp sound cards this same problem.
>If your realtech card comes with DOS drivers try loading the DOS drivers
>via seems that these cards need(although I'm not
>sure) values assigned to be properly detected and initiated under a
>cross O/S reboot.
>Although I very well could be wrong, sometimes it's worth a try.
>What I'd suggest as an experiment,
>Make a Win boot disk and install net card driver to that, cobble
>together a config.sys on this disk to load the net drivers, and try
>booting into muLinux with this disk.
>Using certain sound cards under certain "small linux" distributions,
>I received "dsp reset failed" messages upon boot till I loaded DOS
>drivers rather than the default WIN95 drivers.
>Renato wrote:
>> On Thu, 23 Dec 1999 07:58:16 -0200, Vieira Netto wrote:
>> >
>> >Renato escreveu:
>> >>
>> >> Michele,
>> >>
>> >> My Realtek 8139 card usually is not recognized by mulinux.
>> >
>> >Sometimes it is?
>> It never recognizes before manual module install.
>> >Many pnp boards cannot be recognized/Configurated after
>> >windows shutdown And Linux Boot.
>> >Try to turn your box off and on and boot MuLinux. I dont know if it is
>> >your problem.
>> >
>> I will try.
>> Renato
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