[mu TECH] Midnight Commander's F3 View starts slow?

From: Alfie Costa (agcosta@gis.net)
Date: Fri Feb 11 2000 - 10:20:58 CET

Hello List,

To run good ol' Midnight Commander, I've installed VNC.tgz on a mu 7r10b
system. Now it seems that mc's F3 key, which views files, takes about 8
seconds to load a file. Shouldn't be my hardware, as F3 takes no time at all
in Debian.

In at least one other mc version, F3 calls mcedit, with a command line switch
that runs it in view mode. There's no mcedit program to be found in the mu
directory tree though. I'm curious what mc is calling, if not mcedit. This
suggests a unix novice question: is there some way to monitor what program mc
calls when F3 is hit?

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