Re: [ mu INSTALL ] Files bigger than Disks

From: Renato (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2000 - 17:31:56 CET

I am working in a Frankens386 project based on a floppyless machine using a small old HD.
I used a temporary floppy drive to fdisk/format/sys the HD.
After this I ran a RAM muLinux install, cloned it to HD ("clone" command) and removed permanently the floppy drive.
Why don't you try this?


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>Mmmh, why did you not build the disks with the pc, which you used for
>building the multispanned disk? This works on a linux machine and I
>thing it works with DOS too. There are some DOSTOOLS(.zip)
>I don't want to use a disk based machine. Can I bring the data for all the
>extension packages and the base ones to the harddisk this way - permanent? If
>this is a way, it was not clear to me. :-(
>Thanks, Martin
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