muLinux and glibc2

Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 18:05:47 CET

First of all: I'm very happy and very impressed by this small version of Linux.
I want to use it for a measurement system with very small amount of RAM and
Flash (the system should run without a harddisk).

But I have a problem: (I'm not very familiar with Linux as yet, so please if it
is a poor problem, don't think too bad on me :-)) ) The application I will run
on the small system needs glibc2 (version 6). So if I try to install the
application, the installation program says: You haven't installed the glibc2,
please refer to the How-to of glibc2 and update your system and try again.

My questions: Can I update the muLinux just with copying the new libraries from
lets say SuSE 6.3 into a directory on the muLinux system? Or must I compile the
libraries on muLinux from the sources (because from libc 6 it is only as source
on the web). What preconditions/requirements the muLinux system has to match for
upgrading to the glibc2? After upgrading, will the system work as before the
upgrade or must I expect some effects??

Would be nice, if you could help me, because I would be very happy if the
application would run under muLinux.

Thank you very much, Mike Georgi

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