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From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2000 - 22:28:46 CET

>> On 05/02/00 at 01:44 Clive Wright wrote:
>> >netscape 3.01 can be obtained from:
>> >
(Clive W. also told us what to do with the file using linux/unix tools. )

>>>Has anyone else had problems running this version of

I have had this version in my system for some time (copied from another linux
distribution), but downloaded it again from the address above - and everything
works just fine.

Perhaps there is someone on the list that don't yet feel so comfortable
with those "tgzgziptarunpacktarball"-commands :-) - I don't -
so I used the Windows Winzip-program to open the netscape.tgz (2.491.966KB) -
getting the netscape-v301.......elf.tar.gz (2.495.369KB)
which Winzip opened in a temporary directory as
netscape-v301 .....tar (5.949.440KB) - and opened that again
revealing 10 files.

You really need only netscape (4.923.032) and java_301 (725.156).
Copy those to a DOS directory you can reach from within mulinux.
When in linux copy netscape to /usr/local/bin
and java_301 to /usr/local/lib/netscape. (You probably have
to mkdir the netscape directory.)
Even if Netscape would like some more fonts, they are not
necessary. (But the biggest font in mulinux is 12 points, which
is a little hard on the eyes if one would like more than a 800x600 X desktop.)

Michele wrote (about Netscape):
>Pleeeeeeese! Do not install the monster
>on the poor muLinux's XWindow.

In fact Netscape 3.01 runs ok in mulinux (I use ver.7.6 on an ext-2
I use the same version in RedHat 6.0 on the same computer
( - which also has Win3.1, Win95 and Win98...) and don't think it
is slower in mulinux.

MA > I removed a such amount of font files in X structure that can fill a

I have 86 fonts (630 KB - which I got from another linux distribution - )
in the /usr/lib/x11/fonts/75dpi directory where Netscape looks for fonts.
Mu comes with 10 fonts (64 KB) - and that's a wise choice.

For me the Netscape files installation was the simple part.
As has been said before Netscape needs a SVGA X server. The one on
the mu website would not even unpack - I tried both in linux and
with Winzip. A SVGA server from RedHat 6.0 would not work. I got
mine from a 1988 Monkey linux distribution (which has been
sleeping on my harddisk since then.) It's dated oct.-96 (2.062.584 KB),
but that's ok on my computer which only has an old Cirrus card with
1MB video-RAM.
Setting up the XF86Config-file was trial-and-error only...

Now I'm quite satisfied with the setup:
X Windows, 1024x768 in 256 colours (enough for me), Netscape for
browsing. If linux was my only OS would have used Netscape for
email and news too - but I must confess: Linux (mu and RedHat) is for
me mainly tools for learning new things. What I really need to do, I do in
Win95 with Netscape 3.04 (I like the old ones) Eudora and Free Agent.

But I often want to use linux and prefer mu it to the bigger
ones. (My computer is just a standalone one with modem connection
- no network.) Being able to connect to the internet, receiving and
sending email, playing audio CDs and other things almost immediately after
downloading the first floppy was an eye opener the first time.

I think Michele is much too modest about mulinux - it is an impressing

Arvid N.

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