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From: Renato (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 14:26:17 CET

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On 15/02/00 at 22:28 Arvid Nymoen wrote:

>For me the Netscape files installation was the simple part.
>As has been said before Netscape needs a SVGA X server. The one on
>the mu website would not even unpack - I tried both in linux and
>with Winzip.

Unpacking instructions should be changed:
You must rename the file to SVGA.bz2 and unpack using bzip2 -d | tar -vxf- if my memory didn't fail.

>But I often want to use linux and prefer mu it to the bigger
>ones. (My computer is just a standalone one with modem connection
>- no network.) Being able to connect to the internet, receiving and
>sending email, playing audio CDs and other things almost immediately after
>downloading the first floppy was an eye opener the first time.

Good! I feel the same.
>I think Michele is much too modest about mulinux - it is an impressing
Bingo. I'm looking for that postcard :-)


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