Re: Trying to use a belgian keyboard

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Thu Feb 17 2000 - 08:40:36 CET

Sorry for late answering.

On Tue, Feb 15, 2000 at 01:26:35PM +0100, Hugo Coolens nicely wrote:
> I'm trying to make a mulinux distribution with belgian keyboard support,
> however, I'm having the following problem:
> When I try:
> ./mu -u
> ./mu -r
> I get an error that says some things can't be copied to USR (No space left
> on device). There IS free space though .. next line says only 74% of USR
> is used. Could this have something to do with the number of free inodes ??
> (just guessing..).
> Increasing the size of USR from 1950 to something larger (3k) solves the
> problem. I checked the original USR(.bz2 unpacked..) and found it to be
> 1950 blocks large..
> I'm sure I've overlooked something but I can't find it.

USR.bz2 is only 500K. Please, read the various messages emitted by "mu".
Evenutally, redirect them in a file:

                                # mu 2>&1 >log

and send me the log, but first try to remove some other keymap first to
add yours.


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