Re: request for Netscape

From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Wed Feb 16 2000 - 23:01:36 CET

At 10:26 16.02.00 -0300, Renato wrote:
>Unpacking instructions should be changed:
>You must rename the file to SVGA.bz2 and unpack using bzip2 -d | tar -vxf-
if >my memory didn't fail.

Okey. (I need to take in linux commands in teaspoonful

Renaming svga.tgz to svga.bz2
Then bzip2 -d svga.bz2 getting a file named svga
Renaming svga to svga.tar
Then tar -vxf- svga.tar getting XF86_SVGA binary and
Config files which are automatically transferred to the correct

And this time everything works ok! Foolish me who
was sure that the svga.tgz was severely "fractured" ....

Thank you, Renato.

Arvid N.

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