[mu TECH] installing SVGA

From: Renato (renato@jfrj.gov.br)
Date: Fri Feb 18 2000 - 15:59:20 CET


I think you could add this sliced Arvid explanation to netscape-mini-howto or change instructions on how to unpack SVGA.tgz. It took me (a good old newbie) a lot of time to find the right path.

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On 16/02/00 at 23:01 Arvid Nymoen wrote:

>At 10:26 16.02.00 -0300, Renato wrote:
>>Unpacking instructions should be changed:
>>You must rename the file to SVGA.bz2 and unpack using bzip2 -d | tar -vxf-
>if >my memory didn't fail.
>Okey. (I need to take in linux commands in teaspoonful
>Renaming svga.tgz to svga.bz2
>Then bzip2 -d svga.bz2 getting a file named svga
>Renaming svga to svga.tar
>Then tar -vxf- svga.tar getting XF86_SVGA binary and
>Config files which are automatically transferred to the correct
>And this time everything works ok! Foolish me who
>was sure that the svga.tgz was severely "fractured" ....
>Thank you, Renato.
>Arvid N.
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