RE: [Setup] X failure

From: John Rowland (
Date: Sat Feb 26 2000 - 01:47:36 CET

An additional development:

I took my two disks to work and ran them on my work pc (a Systemax pentium II
with 32mb ram and S3 video) and the X loaded and ran just fine (except that
the mouse cursor would just move x direction, not y! What did I do wrong
there?) I made no changes to the install whatever. It just ran.

I seem to recall that when X was loading that it commented that it was loading
16-bit color (if my recollection is correct.) When I got home I tried the
disks on my home pc again. Once again, it attempted to load X. It made a
comment about loading 4 bit color. Then errored out and returned to the #
prompt. Any clues? Do I need to run a larger RAM disk? It is currently only
1mb. My total system ram is 16mb.



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