Re: [mu INSTALL] Greetings (Partitions!)

From: Arvid Nymoen (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 02:57:12 CET


Perhaps the Bouncing Messages have now stopped???

>}On Sat, Feb 26, 2000 at 03:13:49AM -0500, Unit 4 nicely wrote:
>}> Must the UMSDOS muLinux reside on C:\?

>}No. In the past I tested also \linux directory in D:\ and linux.bat in C:\.

In my experience mulinux can exist on any partition.

>I tried to get it running from I:\linux (hda7) but it was not recognized.
>That is, it appeared to ecognize hda7 as valid, but "could not cd to
>/linux" when I attempted the install.

I'm a little uncertain regarding your partition "numbers":
An unpartitioned disk is c: in DOS - /dev/hda1 in linux
When a part is set aside as an Extended partition and
that part is used as one undivided partition it is
d: in dos - but - /dev/hda5 (!) in linux -
If the extended partition is divided in smaller parts, they become
e: DOS - /dev/hda6 in linux
f: DOS - /dev/hda7 in linux
- and so on. Your I: should then be /dev/hda10.

>Is this perhaps because it
>recognizes C:\ as hda1 and all the extended partitions as hda2? That what
>it looked like from the list of recognized drives.

First check the list above.
Next (as Michele said) check the file loadlin.cfg
which is the same directory as the linux.bat file.
The first two lines of the loadlin.cfg fil may look like these:

root=/dev/hda7 <<<<<< For your mulinux on i: the line shall perhaps
                                be changed to:

I hope this helps.

Arvid N.

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