Re: [mu inst] minor problems

From: Alfred Breull (
Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 05:28:37 CET

Unfortunately, I neither know what it means nor what I could do to
prevent or change it :(

As an add-on:

During instalation, option [1] says installation to floppy, option [2]
installation to the HD. Option [1] breaks off with the error message
'VFS: Unable to mount root fs on 02:3c', while option [2] _succeeds_
to install mulinux to the HD.

Installing mulinux to the HD is continued by the part where you need
to set a lot of parameters ... which I don't know and where I
discontinue, because the tutorials (that I found so far) explain the
follow-up of the floppy. While, if I don't set parameters, i.e. in
the /usr/bin part, mulinux breaks off with a segmentation error.

As far as I understood, mulinux is a great little system which is
set up to communicate with the world and, additionally, enables a lot
of other fascinating things. Of these I'd like to run f2c and gcc
(for fortran programming), a text editor and export (i.e. with the
'midnight commander') the results into something familiar like
'word' or such ...

Which leads to another problem: my Thinkpad's ESC key doesn't work
in mulinux's vi ( keyboard). Is there anything I could do about ?

At 20:42 09.03.00 -0500, unit 4 wrote:
>On Thu, 09 Mar 2000 06:21:18 +0000, Alfred Breull wrote:
>}umount: /dev/hda1: device is busy
>This is where the problem starts.
>Might the problem be due to the fact that Thinkpads do not store drive
>geometry in CMOS? It needs to be specified at boot time. Just guessing.

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