Re: [mu INSTALL] More Install Questions

From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 10:07:39 CET

On Fri, Mar 10, 2000 at 07:10:59PM -0500, Unit 4 nicely wrote:
> That fixed it.
> muLinux installed with no problems on hda10.
> A few issues with the install procedure:
> I hit the wrong button during the SAMBA install and had to complete it
> that way. There was no way to back out, or any "are you satisfied"
> messages which would have let me restart that portion. Having every
> section do this would be good.

setup -f smbd do not work?

> Second likely possibility was having Pygmy run
> at start-up.

Do "setup -f server" and answer "y" to Pygmy.

> PPP Support: Let's you choose (1) modem or (2) 2 PCs (null modem).
> Why not both?

Do you want create a network+masquerading using serial cable?

> GPM Mouse Server: Mouse responsiveness, default 10. Would help to have the
> possible range and an indication which way is more or less.

This is an experimental value. Maybe "gpm -h" shows allowed value.

> Fetchmail/Sendmail: If you're going to use a POP3 mail/news reader, you
> don't need these, correct?

Normally, in Linux, mail/news reader do not fetch and do not send email
by itself. They call the external program "sendmail".

> Fax support: It seems to assume you'll want auto-answer turned on. If
> there's a selection for "no auto-answer", it doesn;t say so ("wait 0
> rings"?).

If well remember, default is no.

> Time zone: Could be clearer whether this is set in relation to your system
> clock or to GMT.

There isn't true timezone support in muLinux. It only do a displacement
from CMOS clock, using /etc/time.conf. This file contains -1, +1, +2 etc.

> I'll be going through the install scripts, pulling out the text, adding
> explanations of what's being asked, and turning it into a pre-install
> How-T0 checklist. I may be asking several questions about this in coming
> weeks. But it won;t be many at a time, because I just started the 2 month
> process of doing my comprehensive finals at school. I plan on finishing
> the install How-To by June.

Good. Send us a the time.


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