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From: Unit 4 (
Date: Sat Mar 11 2000 - 01:10:59 CET

On Fri, 10 Mar 2000 03:18:22 -0500, Unit 4 wrote:

}On Fri, 10 Mar 2000 02:57:12 +0100, Arvid Nymoen wrote:
}}>I tried to get it running from I:\linux (hda7) but it was not recognized.
}}>That is, it appeared to ecognize hda7 as valid, but "could not cd to
}}>/linux" when I attempted the install.
}}I'm a little uncertain regarding your partition "numbers":
}}An unpartitioned disk is c: in DOS - /dev/hda1 in linux
}}When a part is set aside as an Extended partition and
}}that part is used as one undivided partition it is
}}d: in dos - but - /dev/hda5 (!) in linux -
}}If the extended partition is divided in smaller parts, they become
}}e: DOS - /dev/hda6 in linux
}}f: DOS - /dev/hda7 in linux
}}- and so on. Your I: should then be /dev/hda10.
}Quite so. The 4 possible primary partitions are "named" whether they are
}used or not. Thanks.

That fixed it.

muLinux installed with no problems on hda10.

A few issues with the install procedure:

I hit the wrong button during the SAMBA install and had to complete it
that way. There was no way to back out, or any "are you satisfied"
messages which would have let me restart that portion. Having every
section do this would be good.

I selected "colored" unix listing format rather than multi-column. I got
plain white text on black, with a digit in front of each name, and it was
not formatted. The entries (I recognized them as the help screen) were all
over the place. Are these related? I chose "multi-column" last time and
didn;t have this problem. Second likely possibility was having Pygmy run
at start-up.

PPP Support: Let's you choose (1) modem or (2) 2 PCs (null modem).
Why not both?

GPM Mouse Server: Mouse responsiveness, default 10. Would help to have the
possible range and an indication which way is more or less.

Fetchmail/Sendmail: If you're going to use a POP3 mail/news reader, you
don't need these, correct?

Fax support: It seems to assume you'll want auto-answer turned on. If
there's a selection for "no auto-answer", it doesn;t say so ("wait 0

Time zone: Could be clearer whether this is set in relation to your system
clock or to GMT.

I'll be going through the install scripts, pulling out the text, adding
explanations of what's being asked, and turning it into a pre-install
How-T0 checklist. I may be asking several questions about this in coming
weeks. But it won;t be many at a time, because I just started the 2 month
process of doing my comprehensive finals at school. I plan on finishing
the install How-To by June.

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