Re: [mu install/ tech] 2 surprises

From: Alfred Breull (
Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 10:07:36 CET

Hi Pauluzzi,

did you just write
as additional line in the install.bat or boot.bat file ?
Or at the end of the loadlin.exe ... line ?
Or is it CHS=699/16/63 ?

So many questions :)

Unfortunately, the 340 CSE is an SX version ... so Fortran (f2c
under go32) requires a lot of time with the emulation of the
missing math coprocessor. :(

1999, 2000 ... evidently, my perception of time needs a warming
up phase ... :)

At 11:51 14.03.00 +0100, PAULUZZI LUCA wrote:
>Hi Alfred,
>I'm the one who posted the message in Feb 2000:
>I've tried to follow Michele's help but obtained nothing;
>after I had other things to do, so ...
>He suggested me that something regarding partitions in /etc/fstab was
>wrong but it seemed to me all right. I read (don't remember where) that
>installing in machines like Thinkpad needs some instructions at the
>"boot:" line so I put in linux.bat also geometry of hard disk:
>... but nothing changed :-(

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