Re: [mu install/ tech] 2 surprises

Date: Wed Mar 15 2000 - 11:54:40 CET

On Wed, 15 Mar 2000, Alfred Breull wrote:

> Hi Pauluzzi,
> did you just write
> hda=699/16/63
> as additional line in the install.bat or boot.bat file ?
> Or at the end of the loadlin.exe ... line ?
> Or is it CHS=699/16/63 ?
My work was not like yours:I made a UMSDOS installation in another
computer and then copied it in the thinkpad DOS partition, so I have no
install.bat but a linux.bat where loadlin.exe start and read a loadlin.cfg
with some parameters:
 I've added to this file "hd=ccc,hh,ss" (I don't remember the numbers ...)
as I read in some linux HOWTO...
I will also try with CHS= or hda= ...but maybe my problem is different...
I could be more lucky making the installation directly in the computer
like you, but it has only 3.7 Mb of RAM !!

P.S.: In this description there could be somethig wrong because the
        Thinkpad is not mine, so I can't have it any time I want.

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