[mu SETUP] ppp

From: Boryeu Mao (bmao@Raven.pnu.com)
Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 18:49:23 CET

Hi -

I've been trying to get ppp going on muLinux (7r12) w/o
success so far. Following PPP-HOWTO, I wanted to see
if I can manually establish the link, but have the following

1. In minicom, I was able to dial out to my ISP, but the
messages from the server (normally should be `Hostname' or
'UIC') appear as strings coded in Italian (at least looking
that way to me). After re-installing muLinux and setting
us keymap and codepages, the prompt still looked Italiano.
What am I doing wrong?

2. In minicom, I can't seem to leave the program without
resetting the modem (a step necessary for manually start
pppd). According to PPP-HOWTO, Alt Q or Cntl A Q should
do that, but not for me (??)

3. Not being able to do 2. above, I thought I could start
pppd from another console. Alas, pppd seems to be getting
into a jam -- some error messages appeared and it seg-faulted,
most of the time. While trying all sorts of things late
last night, those error messages did not appear for a couple
of times but I don't have any idea of what I might have done
that made them disappear. This morning though, those messages

I appreciate any help/hints/pointers. Thanks very much in

Boryeu Mao [bmao@raven.pnu.com]
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