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From: Sean Roe (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 07:58:44 CET

I am interested in using three cards and building a router, but I have no experience with muLinux. I just got all the components
togeather. 486/100, 16 Megs Ram, 520 HD, 3 Dlink cards. I am going to get a case tomarrow for it. I am down to using
MuLinux or the Linux Router Distro for it, but havent decided yet. I have two DSL Lines coming in to the house (1 will go away
after a while) and I would like to utilize both in the mean time. Any input?


Sean Roe
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Original message from: winsor
_/This I can do.....would you prefer two of the same cards or two
_/different cards.
_/Michele Andreoli wrote:
_/> I received in the past a lot of request about the subject: two NIC card
_/> in muLinux. I've only a card installed and cannot do real test with this
_/> setup.
_/> There is on the mailing list someone who can test the code and can help
_/> me in this improvement?
_/> Michele
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