Re: [mu TECH] what's ASP?

From: Gerhard Thimm (
Date: Mon Mar 20 2000 - 08:55:30 CET

The idea behind asp (active server pages) is

Typically you must have a html-file with a form/action-entry and a
perl-file or shell-script which performs the action. asp is a
m$-possibility to put all this stuff in one file. Of course you need
VBasic for this.

There are some other solutions for this, because ms reinvents the wheel
again and again. Very nice is php3/4. The idea from php and asp is to
put all stuff into the html-file, but it is also possible to put all
stuff into the perl file ie.

the andvantage of php/asp is, there are a lot of (build-in)-function
that can be used! especially for DB-connections. In the
oll-into-the-perl-approach you must all do this by hand. Asp has also a
lot of java-build-ins for "teenager-effects" like hoover-bottons and so,
looks very nice but is not very useful.

I never would use asp for different reasons. 1st, it is not free, but a
lot of people/companies want it anyway, but remember, when your web
traffic increases you are limited to these NT-machines, with are not
really scalable.


Michele Andreoli schrieb:
> Sorry for my ignorance. What kind of scriping are files with
> .asp suffix? Microsoft material, sure. There is a Linux substitute?
> Thanks for answer.
> Michele
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